Return Location Points

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Community Plastic Beverage Bottle Recycling Programme is a community recycling project sponsored by beverage companies to increase recycling rates and collect plastic beverage bottles in Tin Shui Wai by subsidizing cleaners and residents 5 cents per bottle.

The programme is a pilot programme to examine the recycling rate and capacity in a designated area. The programme aims to recover 30% of the beverage bottles disposed in this area. Therefore, the collection and refund points are set in Tin Shui Wai only.

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We only accept plastic beverage bottles of Type 1, 2 and 5. Before returning a bottle, the public should empty the content, keep the bottle cap and label on.

All returned beverage plastic bottles will be collected, baled, and delivered to New Life Plastics Ltd, the first and only recycling plant in Hong Kong that can turn PET into food-grade ready level flakes to be recycled into new products.

You can return your bottles at the designated programme bins. If there are no programme bins at your estate, you can return at the 3-coloured bins in Recycling Estates or hand your bottles over to your building or estate cleaners to recycle.

Yes, you can bring your plastic beverage bottles at Reward Locations to claim a 5 cents per bottle reward.

Request your estate’s property management or owners’ committee to join the programme. Promotional materials and bins are provided at no extra charge.

3-coloured bins collect all types of mixed plastics. Highest value of material is retained when materials are kept separated so our programme aims to keep beverage bottles separated from other lower valued plastics. Returning your bottles in the programme bins also helps the cleaners in your housing estate to collect bottles.